Вторник, 22 октября

Митинг по случаю 100 дней премьерства Никола Пашиняна (фото)

На площади Республики в Ереване состоялся митинг, созванный премьер-министром Николом Пашиняном, на котором были подведены итоги ста дней работы нового правительства и представлены дальнейшие шаги

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Комментарии (3)
1. Eddy22:28 - 18 августа, 2018
I liked 90% of Nicol's speech – Great speech and performance ! Seerj Sarkisyans rules was more than bad...our nation did surfer and lost a lot during presidency S. Sarkisyan But I didn't like the threats of Nicol voiced against the judges. The same judges are setting the members of Sasna Zrer free too! E:SE to be honest this all is a shame... All these shouldn't have came so far.. this is to be forced to make just another “revolution” ..! We are a small nation sounded to the Easts and West by enemies..this is a shame the way are "Old" and "new" Armenian leased are attacking each in public... and so on !
2. Erina15:00 - 19 августа, 2018
Narek, good job. Thank you
3. eddy22:08 - 19 августа, 2018
PS: @Narek , nice pics and great speech , expect the 10% PM should not threat anybody , not a signal Armenian citizen , with National Security Service (NSS) if someone would be against the government polices … I like Nicol, but do we wana an “Armenian Edrogan” !!
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