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Terms of use

The following rules define the terms and conditions for using Hetq materials. By usage we mean any copy, reproduction, distribution, public display, translation, or other forms so envisaged by the RA Civil Code.

Any violation of the following terms and conditions will be regarded as a violation of the sole rights of Hetq Ltd. and can lead to prosecution as per current relevant RA legislation. 

  • All information in Hetq is protected by RA copyright law and international treaties and its reproduction is not allowed in any form by anyone without the consent of the Hetq editorial board.
  • The full reproduction of material is only possible when an agreement has been reached with the Hetq editorial board. When full reproduction is allowed, no changes can be made to headings or the text.
  • Excerpts of material can be used without the consent of Hetq, but only to the extent permissible by law.
  • Photos, video or audio materials and graphic images displaying the Hetq logo are the sole property of Hetq and are copyrighted according to RA law and international treaties. Their use, fully or in part, is prohibited without a corresponding reference. This condition also covers all Hetq YouTube material.
  • Those submitting advertising, press releases/announcements, and commercial banners are solely responsible for their content. 
  • Everyone is welcome and encouraged to submit comments to Hetq. The editorial board guarantees the anonymity of readers who post comments. 
  • However, we reserve the right to reject and/or edit all comments as we see fit; i.e., if they contain what we regard as slander, threats, the preaching of religious, sexual or national discrimination, hate inspiring expressions, or details of an individual’s private life. 
  • We urge our readers to respect one another, engage in constructive dialog and refrain from ad hominem personal attacks and defamatory language.  Please, do not misrepresent yourself or others, or create multiple identities. 
  • We encourage submissions and comments in traditional Armenian orthography. 




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