Privacy Under Threat: A Talk & Hands-On Workshop in Yerevan about Tools for Data Security

13:58, 9 October, 2018

With Roberto Gomez Lares (Germany) and Ruta Vimba (Germany).

When: October 17,  10:00 a.m.

Venue: Best Western Congress Hotel Yerevan, Picasso Hall

Working language: English

For registration write:, registration deadline is October 15.  

Privacy under threat - together with trainers from n-vestigate network (Germany) dismantle myths and truths about the online habits by joining afternoon workshop with presentation, round table and hands-on around the topic of Open Source and data security in context of investigative journalism.

The workshop offers an opportunity to learn about the risks of data protection, question the commonly used tools for online communication and data storage,  challenges own communication habits, invites to join the discussion about pros and cons and hands-on session to try out Open Source tools, for example, NextCloud. Additionally the n-vestigate - a network connecting investigative journalists in Eastern Europe - will be introduced.

The workshop is an invitation to talk about the insufficiency knowledge and awareness of the IT Security - to question the risks of mainstream communication platforms being used, even though working with highly sensitive topics.  Is the reason a gap between the needs of cross-border researches and the currently available communication tools used by investigative journalists? To explore the cause, we see it as is necessary to explore the communication habits, present the opportunities, provide hands-on experience and rise the discussion. We believe that only in a close cooperation, with needs-based and bottom-up approach we can find a solution to improve the working conditions and therefore strengthen IJ.

The role of Investigative journalism in strengthening democracy in Eastern Partnership countries is crucial, caring for transparency and control. “When politics, business and crime cross borders, journalism has to do the same in order to provide adequate coverage”, writes Brigitte Alfter, Chief-editor of European Journalism Fund.


Roberto Gomez Lares - System Administrator, passionate for Linux, Free software and Political Activist. Currently based in Berlin, working in NGO sector as IT Administrator, specialized in Open Source Tools for Journalism/Media organizations focused in privacy.

Rūta Vimba - project manager and facilitator. Born in Latvia, based in Berlin. Working in fields of NGO and non-formal education, with topics of journalism, neighborhoods, solidarity economies, environment and creative activism.

Nancy Waldmann - freelancer journalist covering topics in middle and eastern Europe for German print and online media. Since September 2018 project manager for n-vestigate.

The project:

The workshop is implemented in the framework of the project "Skills, knowledge & awareness: IT-security & communication for investigative journalism (IJ) in Eastern Partnership" with the aim - to raise awareness of data security and open source tools for communication amongst the investigative journalism scene in Eastern partnership Countries. The project serves as an opportunity to build network, learn new tools, ignite a discussion withing the journalist teams and in public.

The n-vestigate network:

This workshop is organized by the n-vestigate network, a collaboration of the Germany based media NGO n-ost together with RPDI (Ukraine), Rise Moldova (Moldova), (Armenia), Liberali (Georgia), funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Since 2015 n-vestigate strives for the leverage of the quality of investigative journalism in the region, supporting cross-border investigations, networking, training and trans-disciplinary cooperation between journalists, media outlets, lawyers, activists and advocacy experts.

More information about n-vestigate:

Project partners for the Workshop

 n-ost e.V. (Germany) -

Liberali (Georgia) - (Armenia) -