Republican Party of Armenia Denies Reaching Any Deals with Pashinyan

17:29, 3 October, 2018

The Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), in a statement released today, says it has not entered into any agreement with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding holding snap parliamentary elections.

Pashinyan met with the leaders of the HHK last night, after accusing it, along with the ARF and the Prosperous Armenia Party BHK), of conspiring to hinder the dissolution of the current parliament.

Earlier yesterday, the HHK introduced a bill that would make it more difficult for Pashinian to disband the legislature and call new elections. It was approved with support from BHK and ARF MPs.

In its statement, the HHK backs snap parliamentary elections in May-June of 2019, at the earliest, and not in December, which is what Pashinyan is pushing for.

The HHK also accuses Pashinyan of entering the National Assembly last night not with the aim of discussing that matter, but to present an ultimatum to MPs.

The HHK says that the legislature must be free of outside pressure and that it must operate freely, according to the constitution.