Armenian Parliament Passes Controversial Procedural Bill; Pashinyan Joins Street Protesters

19:47, 2 October, 2018

Pashinyan calls for the total eradication of the Republican Party of Armenia from the country and those political forces who support it! 

Armenia’s parliament has passed a bill allowing for a change in the procedural code that would allow for the suspension of sessions in the case of unforeseeable circumstances (force majeure) or when MPs are prevented from voting. The legislature would reconvene only when these obstacles are removed.

67 MPs from the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), Prosperous Armenia and the ARF voted in favor of the bill. Only Yelk Alliance MPs voted against the bill.

Upon learning about the bill, Pashinyan consulted with the parliamentary president and the leader of the RPA faction, urging that the bill be recalled.

Pashinyan then went on TV, calling on citizens to protest outside the National Assembly if the bill was passed.

The RPA, in response, called for a special session of the legislature this evening.

Demonstrators had already gathered outside the National Assembly, blocking the streets and entryways, when the bill passed.

Pashinyan joined the protesters and then left for his offices on Baghramyan Avenue.

Pashinyan has called for snap parliamentary elections this December, something the above three parties says is too soon since it doesn’t give them time to prepare.