Robert Kocharyan's Attorneys: "It's a Vendetta"

12:12, 28 July, 2018

Defense attorneys for Robert Kocharyan, Armenia’s second  president who’s been charged with “usurping state power”, labelled the indictment and detention of their client a “vendetta that has no legal justification”.

The three lawyers – Ruben Sahakyan, Sargis Grigoryan, Aram Orbelyan -  did not accuse anyone in particular, but it is clear that by calling the indictment an example of “personal and political persecution”, they are pointing the finger at Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Viktor Soghomonyan, who runs Kocharyan’s office, demanded the ex-president’s immediate release and said they would file an appeal to overturn yesterday’s court decision to detain Kocharyan.