ARF Describes Charges Against Robert Kocharyan as "Very Troubling"

13:16, 27 July, 2018

The Supreme Council of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation released a statement today describing the charges levied against former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan and other officials of usurping state power in March 2008 as “very troubling” and that they “can be interpreted as political persecution”.

The statement says that while the steps recently taken by the Armenian government to establish the rule of law and the principle that all are equal under the law are to be welcomed, it is imperative that the process be conducted according to the law and in the name of national unity.

“The tense military-political situation surrounding Artsakh and Armenia must rule out any manifestation that undermines faith towards all state institutions, above all the army,” the statement reads.

Continuing, the ARF says it is confident that the authorities must perform the function of uniting the people, and that the investigation of any matter must not threaten that unity.