Ministry of Culture Says It Must Approve Aram Manoukian Statue at Republic Square Metro

13:09, 29 June, 2018

Armenia’s Ministry of Culture has declared that it must approve any plan to erect a statue of Aram Manoukian, the revolutionary and statesman widely regarded as the founder of the First Republic of Armenia, on the steps above the Republic Square metro station in Yerevan.

The ministry, in a June 28 Facebook post, writes that the metro station is regarded by many as an example of 20th century Soviet Armenian architectural modernism, which needs to be preserved, and that steps are being taken to register the site as a cultural landmark.

The ministry says that despite the significant role played by Aram Manoukian in Armenian history it must review and approve all statue installation plans.

Armenia’s Urban Development Committee has issued a statement that it agrees with the ministry’s position.

In June 2017, the Yerevan Municipal Council announced a competition for Manoukian’s statue and decided to install it on the promenade above the metro station.