Yerevan: Syrian-Armenian Marching Band Sets the Beat for Protest Parade

19:32, 29 April, 2018

“The person who comes to the homeland can never return”

This is the message of 23-year-old Megheti Bedrossian, a member of Syrian-Armenian marching band that kicked off from Yerevan’s France Square today, escorting an anti-government parade through the center of the Armenian capital.

“Syria will always remain in my heart, but I see my future in Armenia,” Megheti says, adding that even if the war in Syria ends, she plans to stay in Armenia.

Wearing their uniforms of white shirts and red caps and kerchiefs, the band members hail from Aleppo, Damascus and other towns in war-ravaged Syria, and have since resettled in Armenia.

Megheti and her family fled Aleppo two years ago. She’s one of the newer members of the band, formed six months ago.

“It’s a Hnchak band. We’re here not only as musicians, but also because we share the ideals of the movement, Megheti says.