Yeghvard: Shouting “Reject Serzh” Residents Demand Restart of Public Transport to Yerevan

16:21, 20 April, 2018

Residents of Yeghvard, a town in Armenia’s Kotayk Province, assembled in front of the municipal building to voice their opposition to the April 17 election of Serzh Sargsyan as the country’s prime minister, and to demand the renewal of Yerevan-Yeghvard bus service which stopped on April15.

Yeghvard Deputy Mayor Karen Haruntyunyan told the crowd that service on the #269 rout would recommence tomorrow.

People also demanded that they pay no fares for five days, the number of days the minibus wasn’t operating.

Garik Gevorgyan, one of the protesters, told Hetq that this demand was met.

The protesters then blocked the Yerevan-Yeghvard roadway, demanding that the minivans start plying the route today.

Gevorgyan told Hetq that the first minivan has left Yeghvard for Yerevan. He adds that local police did not intervene in the peaceful protest.