Serzh Sargsyan Elected Prime Minister: "I have never thirsted for blood"

17:04, 17 April, 2018

Armenia’s National Assembly has elected Serzh Sargsyan the country’s new prime minister by a vote of 77 to 17.

After the vote, in an apparent dig at Nikol Pashinyan, who’s been leading a protest movement against Sargysan’s election as prime minister, Sargsyan said: “I see this very young colleague of mine as having great political ambitions. I advise him to abide by parliamentary rules,” Sargsayn said, without mentioning Pashinyan by name.

“Do you understand that this isn’t a court where verdicts are read, and accusations made. My advice is to do your utmost to get your colleague out of the street. That would be your greatest achievement. I have never personally thirsted for blood. Neither has our political force. Neither have I thirsted for the blood of the enemy,” continued Sargsyan.

Twelve Tsarukyan Alliance and five Yelk Alliance deputies voted against Sargsyan.