Yelk Alliance MP Cites Hetq Probe; Raises Food Safety Issue

17:36, 28 February, 2018

During a Q&A period today at the Armenian parliament, Yelk Alliance MP Artak Zeynalyan cited a recent Hetq investigation of sour cream product and asked government representatives what was being done to protect the rights of consumers in light of the troubling findings.

In January, Hetq sent ten sour cream samples of ten Armenian manufacturers for testing, and only three of them passed inspection in terms of health risk. The other seven were found to contain Escherichia coli bacteria, antibiotics, vegetable oil and higher than acceptable levels of yeast.

Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan responded that the same question had been raised at a prior Q&A session and advised Zeynalyan to take the matter up with the Food Safety Service.

“Sour cream isn’t the only problem. There’s yogurt and milk.  What’s the amount of antibiotics being used. I believe there’s criminality involved and fraud. There’s also a matter of unfair competition. The manufacturer adhering to the standards is at a loss when compared to the one who’s cutting corners, producing cheaper goods with a longer shelf life,” said Zeynalyan.