METABASE - Extensive Database for Investigative Research

21:30, 5 January, 2018

n-ost recently released a database with over 150 official and unofficial sources from Eastern European countries relevant for cross-border investigations.

METABASE provides access to numerous paid and free public registers, records, and datasets. Browsing of METABASE is available in English and Russian.

Additionally, services of METABASE are supported by a Helpdesk, keeping the database of databases updated and assisting with foreign language support by linking journalists within the network.

“To my mind, this tool opens huge opportunities for investigative reporters working across borders. First, by saving resources - mainly time and money: no need to travel abroad and wait for the respond to a FOIA request. Second, by making it easier to track illegal activities and cover murky deals or corruption transnationally. And last but not the least - by extending a network of dedicated investigative reporters," says Oleg Khomenok, one of the initiators of METABASE.

With its clear-cut focus on countries of the Eastern Partnership, METABASE complements other international investigative databases. METABASE is the collaborative result of the investigative network n-vestigate with active contribution of n-ost as a co-founder since 2015.

METABASE is a tool developed in the framework of n-vestigate, a research network of five journalism platforms and investigative media outlets: n-ost (Germany); Regional Press Development Institute (Ukraine), RISE Moldova (Moldova), hetq (Armenia) and Liberali (Georgia). The network connects experienced investigative journalists, media lawyers, Freedom of Information activists, media outlets and leading media NGOs. The project is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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