Fundraiser Pays Off: Family of Seven Gets a House After Hetq Article Appears

18:44, 25 August, 2017

In spring, Hetq published an article about Marat Karyan’s family, living in a small bakery that used to operate in the back of a barn in Norashen, a village in Armenia’s Gegharkunik Province.

After the article, a Hetq reader, Armineh Chobanyan, started a fundraising drive for the family, resulting in $3000 and 105,000 drams.

It’s been a month since the family moved to Toumanyan, a town in Lori Province, where a house was bought for them. There’s a bakery, a barn and a yard next to the house.

Marat and his wife Armineh, chose the place and the house. Marat is from this town. His family house is here, too, but Marat says it’s half-destroyed and isn’t fit for living.

When Hetq visited Toumanyan together with Chobanyan, Marat was out, mowing grass in Atan village. We were welcomed by his wife, mother and four sons.

The house has no electricity and water, but today Marat's wife told us that they will have drinking water in a few days, and electricity will be installed by September 4. Until then, the family has been living in a relative’s house in Toumanyan.

The eldest son, 5-year-old Rafayel, hasn’t changed his mind and still wants to become a veterinarian. 3-year-old Kamo is barefoot. He says he doesn’t have shoes, but Rafayel contradicts him, saying that he does. 2-year-old Garik is attentively following the elders’ conversation. The youngest, Edward, is just a few months old.

Marat's mother, Alvina, lives with their family.

Armineh tells us that she wants to work in Alaverdi. There is a vacancy for a cleaner in a store there.

Main photo: Garik and Kamo