Animal Rights Group Proposes Dog-Friendly Areas in Yerevan

15:14, 11 August, 2017

An animal rights organization in Armenia has sent a letter to the mayor of Yerevan proposing that each district in the Armenian capital allocate land exclusively for dog runs/walks.

The organization, Dingo Team, is concerned about the increase of “No Dogs Allowed” signs appearing in various Yerevan parks.

Dingo Team also wants the municipality to put up signs instructing people to clean up after their pets.

When asked about the problem of roaming packs of stray dogs in Yerevan, Dingo Team President Ovsanna Hovsepyan blamed Unigraph X, the company the municipality has contracted to neuter stray dogs.

Hovsepyan says that her group’s experience shows that one neutered dog in each Yerevan courtyard can prevent the proliferation of dog packs and aggressive mating behavior.