Pension System Opponent Says Next Protest Will Surprise Law Enforcement

16:07, 12 April, 2014

Saying that the movement opposing the mandatory aspect of the pension system recently installed in Armenia wasn’t a political party, “Dem Em” member Georg Gorgisyan instead described it as a citizens’ organization doing the work of labor unions.

“I would hope that our children will not have to defend their constitutional rights in the streets like we are doing,” Gorgisyan said.

He said that the movement’s main goal would be directed against the withholding of wages and would fight against those institutions that continue to make such deductions from their employees’ wages.

Gorgisyan said that "Dem Em" would also not heed the decision of the Constitutional Court, which gave the government until September to modify certain clauses of the system it found unconstitutional.

He announced that "Dem Em" would be staging a massive protest this coming Friday that will come as a surprise to law enforcement.

Here are some photos taken by Saro Baghdasaryan of today's strategizing meeting held by Dem Em supporters in Yerevan at the entrance to the Madenataran.