Edvard Sharmazanov – Gul Should Stop “Poking His Nose” in the Karabakh Issue

13:34, 17 August, 2010
Responding to statements made the other day by Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Baku that the Karabakh conflict must be settled according to the principle of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, Edvard Sharmazanov, the secretary of the ruling Repiublican Party faction in the RoA National Assembly, noted that the upper political echelons of Turkey had learnt their lessons from the Third Reich’s Propaganda Minister Goebbels’ quite well. Mr. Sharmazanov said that the Gobbels’ technique of getting the people to believe something by creating an ever bigger lie wouldn’t work today and suggested that President Gul read the statements of the Minsk Group Co-Chairs where they declared that "self-determination" and "territorial integrity" were fundamental principles of equal worth. "The Kosovo developments and the International Court’s decision once again have shown that the objective of the United Nations, the self-determination of nations, is much higher that the U.N principle of territorial integrity," noted Sharmazanov. "If we were to follow the logic of Mr. Gul, there would only be 55-56 nations in the world today and not 200. Most importantly, I would advise Mr. Gul not to poke his nose in the Karanakh issue but rather help to remove the occupation of Cyprus, get involved in Kurdish problems and not to organize publicity stunts in Aghtamar."