Minister Accepts Responsibilty Re: Glendale Hills Construction Shortcomings

13:25, 14 June, 2010
Vardan Vardanyan, the Minister of Urban Development confessed today that his office made mistakes in monitoring the work being carried out by the "Glendale Hills" construction company in Armenia. "Glendale Hills" has recently been cited for shoddy workmanship when it was granted a contract by the government to build new housing in the Gyumri earthquake zone. Minister Vardanyan stated that most of the quality control specialists had been replaced and that building monitoring standards had been raised. "We issued a competitive bid and have contracted specialists that are better trained and more conscientious." The government was forced to delay the distribution of apartments built by "Glendale Hills" due to the many deficiencies that had been uncovered when President Sargsyan personally visited the site.