ARF MP Calls for One Year Postponement of Mandatory Pension System

14:05, 3 December, 2013

As protesters gathered outside the National Assembly, demanding that MPs vote against the scheduled launch of a mandatory pension system, inside, government MPs attending a special hearing on the matter appeared unfazed and indifferent.

Many were busy text messaging and yawning during the proceedings.

During the so-called debate, ARF MP Artzvik Minasyan called on his colleagues to vote against the pension system, labeling it a violation of the citizens’ trust.

Minasyan urged MPs to oppose the new system in ‘order to be able to look their kids in the face without shame’.

He said the new system, which will withhold 5% of the wages of those born after 1974, will especially hurt those earning low wages.

Minasyan added that there were many problematic issues that needed further clarification.

“Why can’t you at least postpone the system for a year? Then, after an in depth debate, if you convince us as to its merits, we will join you and promote the system to the citizens, he stated.