Tigran Karapetyan – Salary Raise for MP’s “Immoral”

11:38, 7 October, 2010

Commenting on moves to push through legislation to raise the salaries of MP’s, People’s Party President Tigran Karapetyan said, “As far as I know, it’s the proposal of Raffi Petrosyan, as if he is the hungriest MP of the lot.”

Karapetyan labelled the move as immoral, arguing that the parliament is made up of 80% oligarchs who own businesses, including the speaker. “How can such a salary hike be justified given their cushy financial situation?” he asked.

Karapetyan called on MP’s to allow for the inclusion of intellectuals, who really are in need of a salary, into the legislative body. “That would be acceptable,” he said.

“I haven’t yet seen any MP, who is worth millions, take a portion of their salary and distribute it to some needy kids or an old-age home,” Karapetyan noted.