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News Jirayr Sefilyan’s Trial and Revolutionary Armenia

22:54 | June 3, 2018
Wednesday’s protest was small, comprising no more than 200 individuals. If Sefilyan is again convicted on June 6, subsequent protests may not occur at all, they may be no larger than those on Wednesday, or they may be much larger. They may wane in hours, or they may carry on for days. And if they do carry on, it will be out of recognition that the revolution is not over, but that there is still much work to be done, and that the people, united against a corrupt judiciary, are willing to help in that work.

News It’s the People, Stupid: Debunking the Myths on Protests in Armenia

09:02 | April 19, 2018
Previous experiences of mass demonstrations and protests in Armenia could provide a window as to how the latest “Reject Serzh” protests might end. While the protesters might increase in number in the coming days, the regime will not hesitate to wait for the right moment to use limited force and dismantle the barricades and disperse the demonstrators. It is often said that demonstrators learn from their previous experiences but that is also true in the case of governments.

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