Tuesday, 19 November

Republican Party of Armenia Says It Doesn't Intend to Nominate Candidate for Prime Minister

The Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) has released a statement today saying that while it does not oppose holding snap parliamentary elections, in theory, the best time to do so would be in May or June of next year, and not this December as proposed by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The HHK argues that it will take a few months to discuss proposed changes to the electoral code with political forces both in and outside the parliament, with civil society organizations and international organizations operating in Armenia.

Putting off elections until next year would ensure that they are free and fair, the statement reads.

The party believes that such discussions are necessary to elect a parliament that will do justice to the country’s transformation to a parliamentary system of government.

The HHK says that whenever elections are held, it has no intention to nominate a candidate for the post of prime minister.

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