Wednesday, 11 December

Pashinyan Says There's a "Counter-Revolution" in Armenia; Calls for Snap Parliamentary Elections in December

Armenian Prime Minister minced no words today when he called a bill introduced by three Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) MPs as a “counter-revolution in the making”.

Pashinyan made the statement to reporters after he left the National Assembly, adding that bill would have serious repercussions.

The bill, if passed, would add a clause to the parliament’s protocol law allowing the legislature to break session in the case of  unforeseeable circumstances (force majeure) or when MPs are prevented from voting. The legislature would reconvene only when these obstacles are removed.

Members of the government and the parliamentary Yelk Alliance argue that the clause would prevent the dissolution of parliament by means other than the rule law (public protests).

The RPA holds a relative majority of seats in the current parliament.

“If the question, in the past, was whether or not there was a counter-revolution in Armenia, I can officially declare today that there is a counter-revolution and that all those supporting this bill, or plan to support it, are counter-revolutionaries. They assure me that this bill has been introduced by three political forces. I officially declare that any MP who stands up in support of this bill is a representative of the counter-revolution,” Pashinyan said.

The three forces Pashinyan refers to are the Republican Party of Armenia , the Prosperous Armenia Party and the ARF.

Pashinyan said that the only conclusion to be drawn from these developments is that snap parliamentary elections would be held in December of 2018.

When asked if snap elections would be held under public pressure, Pashinyan replied: “A government of direct democracy has been established in Armenia. If it turns out that I, as prime minister, am not the people’s representative, then elections will not take place. If I am the people’s representative, there will be elections.”

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