Wednesday, 11 December

ARF's Rustamyan: Yes to Snap Parliamentary Elections, but Not this Year

Armen Rustamyan, who heads the ARF faction in the National Assembly, told reporters today in Yerevan that while the party agrees that snap parliamentary elections must be held, there is no rush to do so.

He reminded reporters that Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan originally suggested that parliamentary elections be held in May-June of 2019.

Rustamyan said that a number of measures must be taken before elections are held, saying that the ARF would oppose elections in December.

The ARF argues that since the Department of Police is under the purview of the prime minister’s office, the prime minister must not engage in any electioneering during the campaign so as not to influence the police when it comes to monitoring the electoral process.

Rustamyan hinted that a special police division be created to monitor upcoming elections.

The ARF official said that a new Electoral Code must be drafted before elections are held.

Prime Minister Pashinyan yesterday met with Republican Party of Armenia parliamentary faction  head Vahram Baghdasaryan to discuss the parliamentary election issue.

The ARF, according to Rustamyan, hasn’t yet received an invitation to meet with Pashinyan on the matter.

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1. Berge Jololian19:12 - 2 October, 2018
ARF? You mean the O.22% in the recent Yerevan election? Get lost !
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