Sunday, 15 December

Jirair Sefilyan: “Sasna Dzrer Political Party Will be Cornerstone of the New Armenia”

Longtime political activist and Artsakh War vet Jirair Sefilyan took the stage today at the founding convention of the Sasna Dzrer political party and told the assembled delegates that the day had finally arrived for the birth “of our dreamt about national organization”.

Sefilyan, the leader of the New Armenian Public Salvation Front who has been in and out of Armenian jails several times over the past decade, said that the Sasna Dzrer party would, at minimum, serve as one of the cornerstones of the new Armenia.

The convention opened with a minute of silence to pay respects to those who died during the Armenian parliament shooting on October 27, 1999, those killed during the post-presidential protests in March 2008, and the countless other victims of past Armenian regimes.

Sefilyan called for reopening those cases and for holding those responsible accountable.

While the delegates nominated Sefilyan as party president, the Lebanese-born Armenian is not a citizen of Armenia, his numerous requests having been denied.

In his stead, Garegin Chugaszyan (president of the opposition Founding Parliament organization) and  Varuzhan Avetisyan (a Sasna Dzrer member who participated in the July 2016 police building seizure ) were nominated for the post.

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