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Armenian President's Two Sons Exempted from Military Service

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian’s two sons, 37-year-old Vardan and 34-year-old Hayk, have been exempted from compulsory military service in Armenia.

While Armenia’s Ministry of Defense would only confirm that Hayk Sarkissian has been granted an exemption, refusing to provide any specifics, Hetq has found out that the reason is that he has an academic title.

To confirm this, Hetq contacted the president’s  office. The reply was curt: “We confirm that the information made know to Hetq corresponds to reality.”

Because we had no residency address for Vardan Sarkissian, we couldn’t access any specifics from the Ministry of Defense regarding his military service record.

Last Februray, Hetq had written that Vardan was not listed in Armenia’s Voter Registry but was listed in the State Population Registry with a foreign residency address.

Hetq found out that Vardan had been exempted from military service on the basis that he wasn’t a citizen of Armenia at the time.

Armenia’s Department of Police refused to tell Hetq how many years Vardan and Hayk didn’t have Armenian citizenship, arguing that they would have to consent to the release of such material.

Vardan and Hayk Sarkissian are dual citizens of Armenia and Great Britain.

Photo: Hayk Sarkissian, second from left. Vardan Sarkissian on far right. (

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