Sunday, 15 September

Syrian-Armenian Gifts Revolver Used in Aintab Resistance to Yerevan's Genocide Museum

George Parseghian, a Syrian-Armenian who has resettled in Armenia, has gifted a revolver, used by his great grandfather Krikor/Kevirg Parseghian during the 1920-1921 Armenian resistance in Aintab, to the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute in Yerevan.

“This is its final resting place, a worthy one. This holy place that memorializes for all eternity the one and a half million victims. It rests as close to their souls as possible,” Mr. Parseghian, a doctor by profession, said on the occasion.

 In 1918, following the French occupation of Cilicia, several thousand Armenians who survived the 1915 Genocide returned to the region, only the be attacked for a second time by the Turkish army. From April 1, 1920 to February 8, 1921, 1,500 Armenians, men and women, battled Ataturk's Turkish National Forces until the French capitulated. By January 1922, only a handful of Armenians remained in Aintab.

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