Monday, 16 December

Yerevan: Pashinyan's "100 Days in Office" Rally

Thousands flocked to Yerevan’s Republic Square to hear Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan summarize what his administration had done in the first 100 days since assuming power.

Here are some scenes of this evening’s public rally.

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Comments (3)
1. Eddy22:28 - 18 August, 2018
I liked 90% of Nicol's speech – Great speech and performance ! Seerj Sarkisyans rules was more than bad...our nation did surfer and lost a lot during presidency S. Sarkisyan But I didn't like the threats of Nicol voiced against the judges. The same judges are setting the members of Sasna Zrer free too! E:SE to be honest this all is a shame... All these shouldn't have came so far.. this is to be forced to make just another “revolution” ..! We are a small nation sounded to the Easts and West by enemies..this is a shame the way are "Old" and "new" Armenian leased are attacking each in public... and so on !
2. Erina15:00 - 19 August, 2018
Narek, good job. Thank you
3. eddy22:08 - 19 August, 2018
PS: @Narek , nice pics and great speech , expect the 10% PM should not threat anybody , not a signal Armenian citizen , with National Security Service (NSS) if someone would be against the government polices … I like Nicol, but do we wana an “Armenian Edrogan” !!
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