Friday, 19 July

Special Investigative Service Head Opposes Detention Release for Kocharyan

While Armenia’s Court of Appeals is scheduled to review the case of releasing former Armenian president from pre-trial detention today, Sasun Khachatryan, who heads the country’s Special Investigative Service, strongly opposes such a move.

“I argue that it’s in the best interest of the preliminary investigation that Robert Kocharyan remain in detention,” Khachatryan said.

Kocharyan, Armenia’s second president, has been charged with usurping state power in March 2008 to quell public protests following the presidential election that saw Serzh Sargsyan come to power. Ten died during the March 1-2 protests.

Khachatryan believes the possibility that Kocharyan can influence the judicial process is much reduced if he remains detained.

A court has approved a two-month detention for Kocharyan.  

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1. mahmouzian19:29 - 11 August, 2018
he should stay in jail.not only fot riging the election but also for stealing the money that kirk Kerkorian invested in Armenia.
2. John Armenia00:46 - 13 August, 2018
Kirk Kerkorian had his own office in Yerevan and if anybody stole his money then it must have been with his knowledge because nobody in their right mind would have given money to the government to carry out projects on behalf of the country.
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