Tuesday, 22 October

Judges in Armenia to Carry Guns

Armenia’s Ministry of Justice is proposing that judges in the country be issued handguns for self-defense.

Judges would have to undergo weapons training if they never served in the military.

The ministry says the judicial code permits judges to carry firearms and what remains is to regulate the issuance of guns.

Judges wishing to carry firearms will have to file a request with the Supreme Judicial Council.

The ministry, in a statement, fails to mention how many judges, if any, have been injured or killed while on the job.

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1. Stephan Dragon20:21 - 7 August, 2018
CommeAlas, now after the revolution of love the judges need firearms? Not under the terrible dictatorship? This can still imagine a lot!nt...
2. Jonah Hirsh23:23 - 8 August, 2018
"One law for thee, another for ME." If you truly want success, emulate the structural model of the United States.
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