Monday, 14 October

Kocharyan a No-Show at His Pre-Trial Detention Hearing

Explaining why ex-Armenian president Robert Kocharyan didn’t show up for his court hearing today to decide whether he’s to be held in pre-trial detention, his defense lawyer, Ruben Sahakyan, told reporters that his client wasn’t avoiding appearing in court but that he must receive proper notification.

Armenia’s Special Investigative Service (SIS) yesterday charged Kocharyan with “usurping state power” during the March1-2, 2008 public protests in Yerevan that claimed the lives of ten individuals.

Kocharyan has ridiculed the charge as a fabrication.

Aram Orbelyan, another Kocharyan lawyer, said that Armenia’s second president enjoys immunity under the law and cannot be held responsible for actions resulting from his post as president.

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