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“We Have No Oversight”: Ministry of Defense Spokesman About Privately Donated Army Supplies Found in Grigoryan’s House

Artsrun Hovhannisyan, press secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, today talked to journalists about the inspection at Manvel Grigoryan’s summer house and the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union (YVU), headed by Grigoryan.  

Hovhannisyan said that for years, the Ministry of Defense had provided the YVU with food, clothes and other items, marked “For Soldiers”.

As for the allocation procedure of these provisions, Hovhannisyan says that the YVU usually applies to the Ministry of Defense for various supplies, as reserves, for their annual camps.

He adds that during and after the “April War”, there were volunteer groups in Artsakh supplied by the Ministry of Defense with food, clothing, etc.

Hovhannisyan says that the investigation should reveal the way these supplies confiscated by law enforcement wound up in Grigoryan’s house.

As for the donated supplies, Hovhannisyan said he could not officially comment on this, since the Ministry of Defense had no oversight functions there. Hovhannisyan added that there was no oversight to verify the targeted use of the supplies provided to the YVU. The Ministry of Defense has provided similar supplies also to other structures and NGOs dealing with reserve officer training.

Regarding the large cache of weapons found in Grigoryan’s house, Hovhannisyan reminded reporters that an investigation was ongoing, adding however, that there were uncovered weapons that “could not be considered legitimate.”

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