Thursday, 12 December

Former Yerevan Public School Teacher Being Sought as Defendant in Monetary Award Kickback Scheme

Armenia’s Investigative Committee reports that Ruzanna Azizyan, who served as principal of Yerevan’s P.S. 11 until resigning on May 5 of this year after bowing to pressure from teachers and parents, is now being sought as a defendant in a case involving “abuse of official powers” at the school named in honor of Monte Melkonian.

The Committee alleges that Azizyan, who served as principal at the school from 2014-2017, signed off on decrees granting employees monetary awards and that the recipients then handed the money over, in full or in part, to Azizyan.

An investigation is underway in the case and police are now searching for Azizyan.

A petition calling for Azizyan’s resignation was signed by some 100 teachers.

Prior to her resignation, the press in Armenia had periodically written about Azizyan’s heavy handed tactics at the school – including dismissing teachers without cause, campaigning for the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, and getting parents to pay for school items.

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