Tuesday, 19 November

Pashinyan Says He'll Dismiss Ineffective Government Officials

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, in a video Facebook post, has replied to a number of questions posed by individuals.

One Facebook user asked Pashinyan if he was aware of that some citizens have questioned several of his recent government appointments.

To this, Pashinyan replied: “If I’ve signed off on the appointment, then, of course, the appointment was made in an informed manner. I’m also aware that some appointments have raised concerns.”

The prime minister added that some appointments were less than “ideal”.

Pashinyan urged people to judge the appointees based on their results.

“There have been appointments that have led to serious clamor, but this timeframe has shown that they were justified and that those individuals are performing their jobs on a high level. Now, I will not say whom I have in mind, but I believe that each of you have such an evaluation,” Pashinyan said.

Pashinyan assured viewers of his post that the government is trying to work as effectively as possible and to implement correct policies.

Nevertheless, the prime minister noted that immediate measures would be taken if he felt that the policies launched and appointments made took a “catastrophic turn”.

Pashinyan concluded that ineffective officials would be removed from office.

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