Saturday, 14 December

Republican Party of Armenia VP Ashotyan: "We Still Have the Most Parliamentary Seats"

Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Vice President Armen Ashotyan went out of his way today to convince reporters that even though his party no longer enjoys an absolute majority in the National Assembly it’s still a force to be reckoned with given it still controls the greatest number of seats when compared to the other factions.

“There are different types of majorities. For instance, there’s the constitutional majority that we had in coalition with the ARF. There’s a 50+1 absolute majority of votes, that we still have to date. And there’s a parliamentary majority. The political force with the greatest number of seats in the parliament, but which does not have the 50+1 configuration.

When asked if he believed that a few businessmen RPA MPs had left the party because they feared repercussions from the new government, Ashotyan replied: “Today, some are trying to conceal political harassment under the guise of the process of seeing justice done. But I’d like to clearly stress that there’s a tendency towards selective justice that will not facilitate the achievement of the goals declared during the recent regime change.”

Ashotyan said it was possible that a few more MPs would leave the RPA parliamentary faction.

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