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Newly Appointed Minister of Health Torosyan Apologizes to Citizens Re: Vaccines

After the recent appointment of Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan, many citizens complained since Torosyan was known on Facebook for his harsh comments and statements, concerning mostly the need of vaccinations.

Today, Torosyan apologized to citizens, via a statement on the official website of the Ministry.

The statement says, "Newly appointed Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan's Facebook page and his statements made on different platforms have caused a variety of interpretations.

Being active in social networks and not indifferent to the programs being implemented in the health sector, Arsen Torosyan has always expressed his position and concerns. But in recent days, some of his expressions presented out of the context on the Internet have caused misunderstanding.

Minister of Health apologizes for the statements that have been misunderstood. The voiced concerns  were aimed at preventing diseases and saving lives, and categorical responses and sharp examples,  had only an aim to sober up people.

Arsen Torosyan believes that if we want to save human lives, including children's, we must use the entire arsenal of science. Evidence-based medicine should guide us. Our children should be healthy. any approach should have a literate basis and be aimed at maintaining the health of the population. "

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1. Մանե14:24 - 14 May, 2018
Իսկ ինչ՞ կասի նորանշանակ նախարարը սեփական երկիրը «չմո» անվանելու վերաբերյալ: Լեզվական սայթաքո՞ւմ, թե՞ կարծրացած գաղափարի արտաբերում... Մենք վստահ ենք, որ նա ժամանակավոր է:
2. Lily 22:13 - 14 May, 2018
Armenia needs to remain GMO-free!!! Under no circumstances should any GMO be introduced to our Country. Any official who attempts that will have the entire diaspora at his door. Also, the issue of vaccines needs to be studied intensively before anyone attempts to bring that trash to Armenia. Let's be logical and responsible!
3. Rubo09:07 - 25 May, 2018
I don't quite understand what Lily refers to the "that trash". Vaccines? It is so irresponsible for anyone. Vaccines have been investigated for almost 2 centuries and so many people have benefited from them.
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