Sunday, 15 December

Armenia: Next Election for Prime Minister Scheduled for May 8

After having voted against Nikol Pashinyan’s bid for the post of prime minister yesterday, the parliament will have another go on May 8.

35 MPs will have to nominate Pashinyan as a candidate, with a general vote to follow.

If no prime minister is elected, the National Assembly is dissolved, followed by snap parliamentary elections not earlier than 30 days and not later than 45 days after the fact.

Note: Today, throughout Armenia, people are protesting yesterday’s failure by the National Assembly to elect Nikol Pashinyan prime minister. Pashinyan, the “people’s candidate” lost the election 56-45. All 56 opposing votes were cast by the Republican Party of Armenia. After the vote, Pashinyan called on his supporters to relaunch their acts of civil disobedience on an even greater scale intending to paralyze the country. The National Assembly will vote again next week. (The original tally of 55 opposing votes released by the National Assembly was incorrect. After the tally, one MP said his ballot against Pashinyan wasn't counted.)

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