Sunday, 17 November

Nikol Pashinyan: "Higher Education is of Strategic Importance"

At today’s special parliamentary session to elect a new prime minister, Tsarukyan Faction MP Luiza Sargsyan, noting the participation of young people in the democracy movement, asked Nikol Pashinyan, the only candidate for the post, what he would do to resolve their issues.

In response, Pashinyan said the most important issue facing the university system is ensuring its self-governance; that it’s free of political party influence.

Regarding tuition fees, Pashinyan said that students showing academic progress shouldn’t have to leave school due to non-payment.

He also called for more state aid to the higher education system, describing it as having strategic importance for Armenia.

MP Sargsyan concluded by saying that her colleagues must understand that the youth of Armenia cannot be disappointed yet again.

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