Sunday, 15 December

Yerevan Update: Mass Peaceful Protests Resume (Live)

Civil disobedience actions have resumed in different parts of Yerevan since early morning.

Several streets in different parts of Yerevan are blocked at the moment.

Protesters led by Nikol Pashinyan have blocked the traffic on Melik-Adamyan Street, where police forces are concentrated in front of the Central Office of the Republican Party of Armenia.

Police have been transported here by public buses with missing or covered plates.

Thousands of demonstrators, including students, are in Republic Square now.

Protesters are chanting “Reject Serzh's Karen”, “Republican Party, leave”, “Armenia is ours”.

Here's an update on what's happening in the Armenian capital:


A number of protesting students left Garegin Njdeh Square and are marching on Khandjyan Street, where traffic is already blocked. Other protesters are joining them there. Marching to the beat of drums, marchers are converging on Alek Manoogian Street, chanting “Armenian, independent and free”.


Nikol Pashinyan and his entourage have joined the marchers who are now on Vardanants Street. Pashinyan has a new chant up his sleeve – Reject Serzh’s Karen. (The reference being acting prime minister Karen Karapetyan)

Note to Readers: On April 23, after 11 days of protests against Serzh Sargsyan's election as prime minister, Sargsyan resigned. It was announced that Nikol Pashinyan would meet acting prime minister Karen Karapetyan on April 25 to discuss other items of the agenda proposed by Pashinyan, including the election of the prime minister by “people’s choice” and snap parliamentary elections.  However, later in the evening yesterday, the planned negotiations between Karapetyan and Pashinyan were cancelled due to disagreements over the aforementioned agenda. Karen Karapetyan called on President Armen Sarkissian to organize a meeting at which all parliamentary and non-parliamentary political forces would attend to discuss the current situation in Armenia and the possibility of holding snap parliamentary elections. In his address to citizens earlier today, Pashinyan contradicted that elections could not take place under the rule of a Republican Prime Minister and announced the continuation of peaceful civil disobedience acts.

At 6pm today, Armenian "Nemra" band will hold a concert in the Republic Square, followed by a rally scheduled at 7pm.

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