Thursday, 14 November

Police Halt Anti-Serzh Convoy Headed to Yerevan

Police have stopped a convoy of cars ferrying people from the town of Ararat on their way to Yerevan to participate in the anti-Serzh Sargsyan protests.

Garik Sargsyan, mayor of the Ararat village of Nor Kyank (New Life), told Hetq that he and the other passengers have been surrounded by police for the past two hours on the roadway.

“We’ve done nothing wrong. We were simply driving in single file to Yerevan to join our fellow citizens. We’re now locked in our cars waiting,” Sargsyan told Hetq by telephone.

Sargsyan says that fifteen cars are in the convoy. Before starting out for Yerevan, the passengers and drivers held a demonstration in Ararat’s Vazgen Sargsyan Square.

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