Saturday, 07 December

Yerevan: Police Detain Man Walking Alone in France Square

The above photo shows Georgy Vardanyan in front of the Erebuni Police Department.

He was placed under administrative arrest today while walking alone in France Square.

"They did not present a legitimate claim for detainment. The person arresting me told me to follow him. I told him I had already been detained and taken to Shengavit Department the day before. They made a joke about it and detained me again. Though they didn’t make any legal claims at the time, as soon as I was brought to the Police Station, they told me I was suspected of violating Article 182 of the Code of Administrative Offenses."

Vardanyan has participated in the protests against Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan that started eight days ago.

Police are now detaining protesters near Brusov University and are taking them to the Erebuni Police Station where they will be processed for administrative code violations. Twenty-two citizens, one a minor, were taken to the station.

Five of them, including Georgi Vardanyan, have been released. The police officers are in   minibuses with taped or covered car plates. The door of the Erebuni Police Station remains locked.

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