Sunday, 08 December

Yerevan: Police Have "No Comment" on 33 Protesters Detained for Over Five Hours

Attorneys Hayarpi Sargsyan and Ara Gharagyozyan report that 33 anti-Serzh movement protesters detained by the police have been kept at the Arabkir police station for more than five hours.

The lawyers say they have filled out all the necessary forms within the three-hour deadline, but that the detainees have yet to be released.

Karo Ghukasyan, one of the 33, told Hetq by phone that they were being kept like “captives”.

Ghukasyan says that police are also not allowing the two lawyers, who arrived to defend the attorneys, from leaving.

Hetq contacted the Police Department’s Press Office for clarification. We were told the police would comment on the matter later.

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