Monday, 15 July

Yerevan Update: Pashinyan Calls for Nationwide Strike and School Boycott

After a day replete with various acts of civil disobedience designed to bring normal life in Yerevan to a halt, Nikol Pashinyan told a crowd gathered in France Square that citizens opposed to Serzh Sargsyan becoming the country’s next prime minister had proveն they can change the reality on the ground.

“Today, we have shown that the Armenian people are capable of victory. This movement has the support of thousands because it is a sincere movement,” Pashinyan declared.

Thousands of citizens took to the streets today, blocking roads, halting the subways, and marching on the National Assembly in a peaceful show of force.

“Tomorrow, the entire republic, without exception, must take to the streets,” Pashinyan told the crowd.

He called for blockading all street leading to the parliament where deputies are scheduled to elect the country’s next prime minister, as well as a general strike and school boycott.

Pashinyan sustained minor injuries earlier today in a confrontation with police on Baghramyan Avenue. After being treated at a local hospital, he rejoined the protesters.

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