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Nikol Pashinyan: "A Government of Lies"

Referring to an interview Serzh Sargsyan gave to yesterday in which the outgoing Armenian president didn’t rule out becoming the country’s next prime minister, Yelk Alliance leader Nikol Pashinyan declared in parliament that, “I believe that Sargsyan wants to create a new form of government in Armenia and that it should be called a government of lies.”

Pashinyan made the statement during a parliamentary hearing on the candidacy of Hrayr Tovmasyan as the next president of Armenia’s Constitutional Court.

In the interview, Sargsyan said that while he’s not interested in becoming prime minister, he feels that he has a certain responsibility to see that Armenia efficiently transfers to a parliamentary system.

“Today, on the foreign affairs front, we have positive results that serve as a basis for security. We have reached a level of domestic stability that has already paved the way for positive economic trends. But we cannot overlook the threats that have, sadly, only increased during the process of constitutional change,” Sargsyan said.

He then listed the April 2016 war in Artsakh and the July 2016 Sasna Dzrer incident as some of these challenges.

Sargsyan said that if his party (Republican Party of Armenia) saw fit to nominated him for the post of prime minister, he would accept, with one caveat.

“Parallel with carrying out my constitutional duties, I will devote more time to passing on my experiences, both visible and invisible, regarding what the country has gone through to the young political leaders. This is an issue of vital importance. We all have work to do in molding new political leaders, regardless of their party affiliations, regardless of current political positions.”

Pashinyan argued that Armenia’s current government is based on lies since officials heap praises on the country’s soldiers but can’t even provide them with proper hygienic utensils.  

“From morning to night, this government drinks toasts to the soldiers. But the same government, in popular parlance, places the burden of providing soldiers with shirts and underwear on the families. If they the parents can’t send these items, the soldiers go without undergarments. The day will soon come when parents will have to purchase guns, tank chains, and even missile fuel as well.”

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