Friday, 19 July

Yerevan: Speeches and Historic Photos Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Karabakh Movement

The Armenian National Congress (ANC) organized a rally today in Yerevan, replete with a photo exhibit and speeches, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Karabakh Movement.

ANC Co-president Aram Manukyan opened the gathering by stating that the rally was not politically motivated but merely sought to celebrate the anniversary.

Aram Manukyan

“The Karabakh Liberation Movement was the granddaddy of all freedom movements. It was the first not only chronologically, but with its mobilization, humanism, longevity and results. There have been many such powerful movements in countries like ours, but the most productive one and the one with the least losses was the Karabakh Movement,” Manukyan told the crowd.

The former MP stated that the fundamental secret of the movement’s strength was the Karabakh Committee, which led the movement for a long time.

“It had such a reserve of trust to fill this square with so many people that there wasn’t space to insert a needle. It was sufficient trust to maintain the movement in order to build a state and hold elections. That was the secret of our success; the value of the organized nature of the Karabakh Committee,” Manukyan declared from the steps of Yerevan’s Liberty Square.

Babgen Ararktsyan

Babgen Ararktsyan, who presided over the parliament from 1991-1998, congratulated the crowd on the 30th anniversary of the movement that, in his words, achieved three results – the independence of Armenia, proclaiming the founding of the Third Republic, and removing Artsakh from Azerbaijani rule, resulting in its de facto independence.

The photo exhibit will continue until February 22 at Liberty Square.

Photos: Narek Aleksanyan

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