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Nikol Pashinyan - Armenian Government Not Interested in Reducing Poverty

Nikol Pashinyan, who heads the Yelk Alliance faction in Armenia’s National Assembly, says its nine MPs will vote against the 2018 budget bill now be debated in the legislature, arguing that the current government lead by the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) was doing nothing to protect consumers, especially pensioners, from rising inflation rates.

“When looking at the genealogy of the majority of this government and parliament, we’re convinced that it’s a logical approach to the elections in which the RPA won more than 700,000 votes; 90% of which were through bribes,” Pashinyan said.

Pashinyan argues that the current government had no interest in improving the lives of people in Armenia and to reduce poverty. Rather, he said that the government’s intent was to keep people so dependent on handouts that it could buy their votes for 10,000 drams.

Pashinyan also lashed out at those who ask him why he isn’t pushing for an increased in pensions and allowances.

“Dear citizens of Armenia. We aren’t doing this for a simple reason. It’s because you accepted 10,000 drams and cast your ballot for a continuation of your poverty. This is a result of the selection you made. Enjoy it,” said an irate Pashinyan.

Pashinyan said that while he once disagreed with the notion that nothing would change in Armenia, he now tends to agree.

“Nothing will change in this country since you still accept 10,000 drams and vote. That’s why you will remain poor, migrants, and defenseless.

Naira Zohrabyan, from the Tsarukyan Alliance, said the faction’s 31 MPs would also vote against the bill. 

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1. Ashot22:48 - 6 December, 2017
до тех пор пока у власти серж саркисян и похожие на него инфузории туфельки, способные дарить значки и медали обкрадывая будущее своего народа,подкладывая мягкую подушку под голову , в этой стране наврятли что-то изменится.
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