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Russian Revolution, 100 Years On: Who Benefited, Who Lost?

Historians still argue about the legacy of the Russian Revolution, described as "The Event that Changed the World". . But how is the Revolution perceived today in the region which was most affected by it? We asked people in the streets of 5 post-Soviet capitals: Moscow, Kyiv, Yerevan, Tbilisi and Bishkek.

Who benefited from the Revolution and who lost out?

Was the revolution ultimately good or bad for your country?

If the revolution had failed, what would your country be like today?

This piece is produced by Coda Network - a collaboration of independent newsrooms including Coda Story, Ukrayinska Pravda, Spektr, Kloop and Hetq.

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1. GB05:55 - 20 November, 2017
Armenia lost Western portion of her historical land to Turkic herds, due to Lenin and Ataturk friendship collaboration!
2. Hagop04:34 - 1 December, 2017
"Russian Revolution"? Nope. The correct term is Jewish Revolution. Only the Judeo-Zionist dominated western media will not let anyone use that term. If they did, they would be labeled "anti-semitic" and be removed from anything associated with "mainstream" i.e. normal society. Talking about such truths in history cannot be part of any investigation or debate in their view. But THEIR version (the one that most dupes accept in western society) of history makes no sense at all because it assumes that events took place at random. Nope. Everything was planned and planned meticulously and everything happened for a reason. (And both the Armenian and Russian Genocides were part of that plan). And the main reason for the "Russian" Revolution was: the International Jew was looking for a "homeland" - a base from which to operate in the open in addition to behind the scenes which they had been doing through the centuries using their tools of money and the masonic brotherhood. Of course that "homeland" was based on the theft of other people's lands. Within Judaic society, there was at first a debate as to where this "homeland" was to be. Their opinion was roughly divided between Russia (or a chunk of it) or Palestine. Ultimately the "western Jewish" Rothschild project of establishing "Israel" in place of Palestine won out instead of the "eastern Jewish" plan of having a Judea in Russia. The Russians, or perhaps more correctly the Bolsheviks gave them a couple of deals and it still did not hold. First Stalin deported the Tatars, Greeks and Armenians to Central Asia under the guise of "they are Nazi collaborators", so that Crimea can become Judea and all the Jews can move their and establish their "homeland". The second option, and which actually did materialize and still exists is the "Jewish Autonomous Oblast" in the far east. Since next the Rothschild family decided to instead go for Palestine and try to pass it off as a "biblical" project, they erroneously and deceptively called the new nation "Israel" the so-called "homeland of the Jewish people". Nonsense. A homeland of the Jewish people can never be called Israel. The first reason is, it contradicts the Bible (and they are actually trying to use the Bible to make their point). The second reason is, today's "Jews" are not the same Jews of the Bible. So then, the Bolshevik Revolution was for the sole purpose of the internationally connected Jews to establish their political movement. Naturally the ignorant Russian peasants jubilantly and enthusiastically accepted and engaged in this movement, because they never knew who was really behind it or for what reason. All they knew was that they were peasants and poor, and naturally "wanted their share of the pie". What followed next was a never before seen bloodbath of Christians and destruction of churches and murder of priests. Russians, Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians were all the victims. Turks, Azeri-Tatars and Amoral Russian Peasants were the foot soldiers. Jews were the masterminds as the "Young Turks" in Asia Minor and "Bolsheviks" in Russia, and most importantly the financiers were all their Jewish brethren from Europe and America - and their plan worked in more ways than one. Besides their future theft of Palestine, their destruction of Christian civilization based on their utter hatred of Christianity in Russia and Asia Minor was the crowning jewel in their "revolution".
3. Hagop05:57 - 13 December, 2017
I see that my last long post did not get published. Hetq, please explain why since I don't want to waste my time here in case the deletion was intentional, or there is a word limit.
4. Hagop03:44 - 16 December, 2017
My last post had many more details, which I don't care to write again. The editors perhaps do not like this line of history either? It seems this subject also does not interest many Armenians either. Anyway for another point to make about the Bolshevik Revolution. While some Armenians believe that it "saved" Armenia (a result of false education over a 70 span), I believe that the Bolshevik Revolution was perhaps at least as bad as the Genocide where Armenia the nation is concerned. The Genocide made us lose a couple million Armenians, but the Bolshevik charade made us lose key parts of our nation, which is still causing damage and making Armenians suffer as a result. The Bolsheviks did not "save" Armenia from the Turks, because it was precisely the Bolsheviks who were supplying the Turks with weapons and money to wage war and take more Armenian territory. This fact was hidden from world history for seven decades until the collapse of the Soviet Union.
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