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19 Year-Old Convict Swallows Spoons: Wants Transfer to Another Prison

19-year-old Artur Melikyan, who’s serving a nearly four-year sentence for embezzlement at Armenia’s Armavir Penitentiary, swallowed the handles of three small spoon on May 24, ostensibly to get prison officials to transfer him to another facility.

Melikyan recently telephoned Hetq to say he’s in pain and needs medical care.

The 19-year-old has been behind bars for the past two years at various penitentiaries in Armenia.

He was sentenced to three years, eleven months and 25 days in 2014, and was also fined 500,000 AMD.

Melikyan says that he indeed committed a crime and that he must be punished, but that he should have been granted conditional release as he’s eligible under the law.

A review panel denied Melikyan’s request for conditional release six months ago. He told Hetq that the reason for the denial was his proclivity to inflict self-harm and that the fine hadn’t been paid.

Armenia’s Department of Corrections told Hetq that Melikyan was medically examined after swallowing the spoons and that he’s currently under medical supervision.

Melikyan told Hetq by phone that he’s asking the head of the corrections department and the ministers of health and justice to have him transferred to the Convicts Hospital.

“I’m requesting to be operated on. The objects aren’t being flushed from my system. I could die at any moment,” Melikyan said. 

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1. Ռաֆֆի20:43 - 10 June, 2017
Լրագրողը չի ասել թէ Արթուրը ինչո՞ւ է այդ գդալնորը կուլ տվել։
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