Friday, 06 December

Trial of Jirayr Sefilyan and Others Begins in Yerevan

Yerevan police were out in force today outside the Shengavit courthouse where the trial of Founding Parliament member JirayrSefilyan and others got underway.

Sefilyan and six others were charged in 2016 with illegal arms purchase and possession and with conspiracy to seize government buildings in Yerevan.

Once Judge NelyBaghdasaryan declared the trial open, spectators in the chamber complained that they couldn’t hear a thing.

Zarouhie Postanjyan from the YerkirTzirani party said that the right of people criminally charged to a public court proceeding was being violated.

By the time the public-address system was fixed, the judge closed the session.

It turns out that one of the accused, GaloustGrigoryan, had no defense lawyer, and that the lawyer of defendant SasounikKirakosyan was away on other business.

The trial was postponed until June 13.

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