Sunday, 20 October

Running for Reelection in Armenia's Parliament: Grigoryan Declares $5 Million in Cash

Arayik Grigoryan is running for reelection as an MP on the ruling Republican Armenia Party ticket in Armenia’s parliament on April 2.

The seat he seeks, in the fifth district, is in Ararat Province.

In his financial disclosure to the Central Electoral Commission, Grigoryan declared 6.5 million AMD in income (parliamentary wages), and 45 million AMD from the sale of agricultural goods. He’s the sole owner of the Avshar Wine Factory.

Grigoryan also declared 1.9 billion AMD (US$3.9 million) and 985,000 in cash holdings.

The MP owns a slew of property – two apartments, 13 household plots of land, and three vineyards.

Despite his wealth, Grigoryan drives a modest 1999 Vaz automobile.

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